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Leverage predictive analytics to drive clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

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Indegene SmartCare®

SmartCare® is Indegene's proprietary population health analytics and business intelligence platform. A combination of enterprise data warehouse (EDW), exhaustive predictive analytics, and risk-modeling capabilities gives decision makers a significant competitive edge to succeed in today’s value-based care environment. We serve Health Plans, Providers, ACOs, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), and Independent Practice Associations (IPAs).

Experience Seamless Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate claims, EHR, inpatient, ambulatory, professional, lab, outcomes, and pharmacy data to have a single source of truth.

Stratify Risk Using Multiple Risk Models

Benefit from advanced predictive analytics leveraging multiple risk models including the 3M CRG/ACRG, CMS-HCC, HHS-HCC, and other models.

Achieve Actionable Intelligence

Get insights on cost and quality opportunities through predictive analytics, benchmarking capabilities, and exhaustive utilization algorithms.


Indegene’s SmartCare® helps decision makers manage and execute on multiple business challenges including pay-for-performance, contract negotiations, clinical integration, resource utilization, provider profiling, and benchmarking, as well as tracking quality and core measures among other aspects of population health with ease, accuracy, and speed.

Customized Cohort Builder

Create episodes-of-care from integrated claims, EHR, inpatient, ambulatory, professional, lab, outcomes, and pharmacy data based on
user-defined rules.

Financial Risk Analysis

Simulate contract modeling options and
carve-outs facilitating creation and comparison of risk pools, using advanced "what if" scenario simulations.

Clinical Quality and Risk Management

Track patients longitudinally over time to see disease and cost progressions. Measure treatment compliance with established clinical guidelines.

Enterprise View of Resource Utilization

Monitor and control cost centers in your organization to ensure better ROI on dollar spend using comprehensive utilization algorithms.

Predictive Analytics and Reporting

Leverage the power of analytics based on clinical risk grouping (CRG) by 3M™ to predict treatment cost growth and disease prognosis in the population, and use the graphing toolkit to identify and track quality and cost opportunities.

Benchmarking Capabilities

Identify care gaps, intervention potentials, and cost reduction opportunities by benchmarking against both the industry and the providers in your network.


Clinical Integration

Integrates claims, EHR, inpatient, ambulatory, professional, lab, outcomes, and pharmacy data to create a clean data set that can be used for analytics.


Improve quality of care delivered and pay-for-performance based on accurate cost profiles of physicians.

Claims Review and Resource Utilization

Get consistently actionable insights from your data driven by a flexible platform and exhaustive reporting analytics.

Predictive Modeling

Forecast and optimize costs through "what if" simulations for contracts and stratify population risk based on user-defined rules.


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